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Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage is a Squad community dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for new players by fostering teamwork and good sportsmanship.

1 year anniversary

In late 2021, a few Squad players decided that they wanted to break away from the big, well-established communities that they frequented. They wanted to create a place that would be home to a kind, welcoming community that would be open to new players and Squad veterans alike. As a result of their work, Collateral Damage went live for the first time a year ago today.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been twelve months since we had our first games. Between then and now, Collateral Damage has grown from a small group of friends to a huge community of more than 340 official members and a Discord population of over 1,700 people. We’re proud that our message of sportsmanship and kindness connects with so many people, and we can only hope that those numbers will grow as time goes on. For those of you who care about the statistics, here’s some more milestones for you:

— The server has been live for 365 days (We’ve never missed a single seed!)
— 2.6+ million confirmed kills
— 789,578 revives
— 8,405 matches across every map in the game
— Achieved a high of #4 rank on BattleMetrics

We have you all to thank for making Collateral Damage the awesome community that it is. This place would be nothing without all of you, and for that, we’re eternally grateful. You all go above and beyond in making Collateral Damage the place to play, onboarding new players, and contributing to an experience which we can all share together. It’s hard to overstate how important each and every one of you is to the well-being of our little internet group. We also owe a deep thanks to our regulars, whose dedication to fostering a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation is second-to-none. You see these people in-game all the time, whether they’re taking charge leading a squad, hunting for enemy vehicles like a deadly predator, or delivering supplies to the fatigued infantry at the front. There’s far too many regulars to name, but each and every one of them exemplifies the essence of Collateral Damage’s mission. We’re glad to be a place where people can have a good experience, make friends, and play the game as it’s meant to be played.

Rather than continue on with platitudes, let’s talk a little bit about how we’re planning to celebrate! In case you’d like to look back at the past year with us, our very own CD | Ginger has made a video of some of this past year’s highlights for your viewing pleasure. Here’s to another year of top-level plays and typical Squad-being-Squad fuckery!

You may have seen the custom CD icons, emotes, and splash pieces here in Discord, all of which were designed by our lovely resident artist CD| Layluwu. She’s responsible for the creation of Collateral Damage’s mascot, who you have certainly seen in seeding art and emotes, both of which she has been responsible for the design of. Layla has done an excellent job in providing artwork for CD (including the birthday piece!), all of which gives our group a unique character unlike any other Squad community.

This month, we’ll also be holding our very first tournament! Our very own CD| Zee, respected modder and Collateral Damage admin, has been hard at work developing a custom tournament game mode called Firefight! Firefight is a fast-paced trial-by-combat where teams of three face off against each other in a cage match to the death. More information will be available soon, but if you might be interested in playing something faster-paced than vanilla Squad against others for prizes and bragging rights, start getting in touch with your friends!

That’s all from us for now, folks. Once more, thank you for being a part of our community and for creating the best Squad experience out there.

All of us at Collateral Damage


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