Partnered Streamers

We are partnered with Streamers from across the globe so we have you covered no matter what time zone you’re in! Whether you’re looking for a chill stream with good vibes or a larger stream with a lot going on, we have what you’re looking for. Don’t speak English as a first language? We have you covered! Get to know the streamers that are partnered with Collateral Damage and what they have to offer from their content.

Welcome, I’ve been playing FPS games for years and love to play casually and competitively. Gamer, sarcastic @sshole, and disabled combat veteran. I mainly play EFT and Squad but I’ll play any game that I find fun.

I’ve been watching Youtube and Twitch for as long as I can remember and it has been a big part of my life. I’ve always wanted to be in the content creating world so this is me giving it a shot!

Streamer Français du jeu Squad et joueur compétitif avec plus de 6000H depuis 2017. Du Fun, Des Fails et du Tryhard.

Hello Twitch! I am The EVASIVE_rabbi, a prior Mixer streamer coming to this platform because Daddy Bill abandoned us. Our community is The Dreidel Gang and I cannot wait to grow it here. I’m just a Navy vet that likes to eat & play games. I look forward to this chapter in life. Lets get gaming!

Hello everyone, my name is Hunter but most people call me Heady instead. I am 25 year old Retired Combat Veteran and ex Paratrooper. I enjoy FPS games like Squad, Hell Let Loose, and Escape From Tarkov. Life long Pirate enthusiast!

What’s up everyone, I’m Hapa. Started streaming in the summer. Mainly going to be playing Squad. Looking for chill vibes only! Always down to play with subs/viewers so peep in chat if you’re down! Appreciate you stopping by!

HEY everyone my name is Marquise, Been streaming since the 1st March 2022 and its awesome, thank you for watching

25+ year PC gamer : Professional Nerd : Variety Streamer || Former Squad World Champion x2 – 5k+ Hours || Former Global Elite CS/CSGO player || Former Top 10 DUO PUBG players in NA

🕴️ Vito’s the name, breakin’ kneecaps is the game. 🕴️

Time Magazine 2003 person of the year. Father, husband, and Grade “A” knucklehead.